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The act of continuously texting someone in an effort to pursue them and/or get to know them. This combines the acts of stalking and text messaging. Stalk-texting can run up your phone bills, causing angry parents. Stalk-texters are characterized by sending you multiple texts per minute. And, if you don't respond they will send the text message over and over again until you do.
"sorry mom, ralph just won't stop STALK-TEXTING me!"
by liesel June 09, 2006
What people do when they first start texting you. Gets annoying to BOTH of the people.
Joe: Hey it's Joe
Bob: Oh hey
Joe: So do you um, like videogames?
Bob: yeah.
Joe: Football?
Joe: Baseball?
Five minutes later...
Joe: Play any sports?
Next day....
Bob: Stop stalk-texting me.
Joe: ikr?
by xevilivex October 20, 2011
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