Not the ideal person to represent communism, but moderately successful nonetheless.
Q: Why was Stalin so successful?

A: Because he was in-STALIN the five year plans.
by Socialist Realism May 11, 2006
Great man who rebuilt Russia not once, but twice.
Stalin had to save Trotsky from Trotsky.
by Bolshevik May 09, 2005
Greatest man of history, primarily responsible for the defeat of Nazism and Fascism. Leader of history's greatest nation, who built the world's foremost industrial superpower out of an essentially agrarian nation in a matter of decades. Only man whose great strength and enduring example can lead the modern world forward out of the morass it has created for itself since the loss of the USSR.
Iosef Stalin is the hero of the human race.
by Stalinist September 18, 2006
A legendary Hero to the soviets who most people didn't realize it should cost some lives to take power and make a country strong.

I wish I could be that powerful

Also Stalin means "Man of Steel" in Russian
Joseph Stalin was a hero
by King of Emos November 20, 2006

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