Not the ideal person to represent communism, but moderately successful nonetheless.
Q: Why was Stalin so successful?

A: Because he was in-STALIN the five year plans.
by Socialist Realism May 11, 2006
Stalin was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. He may have slaughtered millions, but there is no way in hell that a superpower could have been built without a force like that. As was the meaning of his pseudonym, Stalin was a man of steel and it's unfortunate that the USSR did not continue with leaders as fearless and ruthless as he was.

He also had a fabulous mustache, and undoubtedly bitch slapped Hitler. Stalin is also my snuggle bunny.
Comrade Stalin, our sources have informed us that you have officially bitch slapped Hitler.

Joseph Stalin was one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, but many people are afraid to admit that because they're afraid people will think they're a commie.
by Comrade Captain Communist June 13, 2013
verb past ten: to edit or change online statuses, comments and images to retrospectively 'correct' them. Based on the practice of Stalinist Russia editing out from photos and writings the images and names of old Bolsheviks who had fallen from favour
I worte 'write' 'right' in my facebook status but I realised I could Stalin it before anyone but Josh noticed.
Past tense Stalined
by withsobersenses January 16, 2013
Stalin means man of steel. Joseph Stalin- evil man who ruled russia with an iron grip for 25 years...he probably killed about 28 million people during his existence and his first wife commited suicide. He was involved in the arms race and opressed his people in the Soviet sphere with his idea of communism. Basically a complete bastard who got away with it all
by floss June 08, 2003
The ultimate communist leader who brought prosperity to the USSR through collectivisation of agriculture and rapid industrialisation. He defeated Hitler almost single-handedly which makes him one of the greatest leaders in world history. All should respect the achievements and efforts of Comrade Stalin.

p.s. Don't believe what they say about the purges or holodomor, all of that is conjecture and lies.
Comrade Stalin was the greatest leader in world history.
by ComradeStalin January 05, 2015
Kick ass rappin nazi zombie killin vodka drinking down with the clown Russian.
DUDE!!Stalin is comming into town!
NO WAY!He kicks the freshest beats.
I know dog.Even Jersey Shore wish they were that fresh.
by I'mthecoolestkideva January 22, 2011
The coolest dude on earth. He killed more people than anybody else. Even so he doesn't get half the credit that he deserves. Hitler gets it all the credit. Hitler, compared to Stalin, was a flower painting loose pussy. He was obsessed with half measures, like targeting specific religions, Stalin targeted all religions. Stalin targeted people from all walks of life and often killed people, or sent them to the Gulags to die for no reason. That is fucking awsome. Stalin was fortunate enough to be attacked by Germany and conquor much of eastern Europe. He put those countries under harsh and corrupt rule, like any dictator who knows what he's doing would. People compare President Bush to Hitler, which is much closer than comparing him to Stalin. Stalin moved his country forward and kept the country unified. How did he keep the country unified? He killed the bastards!! That's the way to do it! Hitler was much to concerned with the war and too obsessed with sucking his man lover's dick to kill his own people. Stalin shot his own wife(and probably T-bagged her too). Stalin was teh pwnage and the most 1337 dude ever.
Hitler: I like painting flowers, but my fucking Jew art teacher says I suck so i have to suck his penis to pass. so Im going to kill all the Jews one day.

to grow a , massive moustache then to whip your TV till it breaks
Josef Stalin was so angry with russia he did a stalin
by Mr Urinal July 04, 2007

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