To be stalefished is to be completely confused by another’s actions. When caught in the action of being stalefished one's eyebrows become unbalanced followed by the dropping of the jaw. Being stalefished is usually caused by witnessing a very stupid and inexplicable action.
She watched him put fireworks in his pants and she was stalefished.
by timmyjoeelzinga January 26, 2006
Top Definition
A female who lays there seemingly lifelessly during sexual intercourse.
Ryan: Hey Jonny Boy, heard you porked that girl Charline, how was she?

Jon: Dude, girl's a total stalefish. Thought I was fucking a corpse.
by TWP Fisherman March 16, 2010
Masturbating without the use of visual aids such as porn videos or mags. Just by using the good old imagination.
O fuck, the powers out. Gonna have to stale fish it.
by Beebix April 04, 2006
It is when a male masturbates standing up with the jerking arm passed under his corresponding leg, thus mimicking a skateboarder performing a stalefish on his board. This is truly an act worthy of masturbatory merit and is reserved for the seasoned jackers only.
Curious to try new wack-tactics that he read about online, Alvin's stalefish session ended quite abruptly when he lost his balance and broke his wrist. The emergency room doctors are still scratching their heads in disbelief.
by A Tiggles December 11, 2008
A stale fish is a trick on a snowboard where you get air off a jump and grab your board on your heel edge with your back hand, between your bindings.
Sick Stale Fish on that jump dude!
by December 22, 2011
A Stale Fish is when you sleep with someone that doesn't do much of anything except lay there like a stale fish.
He slept with her and said she was a stale fish
by TagIt84 July 12, 2013
The act of masturbation while putting your arm under your leg. normally in a leg up or "captian morgan" position. It increases pleasure to the maximum extreme.

"Dude, your mom loves it when i stalefish on her face"

"oh man, i stalefished as soon as i got home"
by stalefisher 212 September 28, 2008
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