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1- someone kills a joke; they get the stale face
2- someone says something stupid; they get the stale face
by marsean May 31, 2010
to stare at blankly but in a bitchy way. kinda like the evil eye but not quite,people tend to get pissed or annoyed when you do it though. Its very effective
Jen: Ur so ugly! haha!
Kathy: Was That sposta b a joke?...
Jen: Yeah...kinda
Kathy: *staleface*
Jen: Wow ur a bitch...*walks away*
by HaveNoFearStalefacingHoeIsHere April 06, 2010
Two opposing people stare at each other without any facial movements such as smiling.The one who breaks thier facial expression first is the loser
Hey eric, staleface right now!
by dblake November 10, 2007
the equivalent to the virtual smirk translating to:

really did he just say that?

I know he wasnt talking to me!?
That was totally stupid
Joke is now dead

A:Green and Yellow was lil wayne's best song ever

B: (-___-)<--- stale face
by Bossxsamp February 07, 2011
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