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Wheelchair kryptonite.
Person: "Hey, let's go down these stairs."
Wheelchair Person: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
by William Stephens May 14, 2006
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A set of steps ascending or descending to any certain floor or level. Stairs can be troublesome and cause injuries, so it is important to be warned about any stairs in the premises.
Employee 1: "Have you heard? A co-worker fell down the flight of stairs on floor 4!"
Employee 2: "I know! I wish someone warned him, then he would not have injured himself!"
by icon_humility_ttt_ August 11, 2013
Term given to individuals who fail in some sort of task, whereby the failed person would theoretically have to leave the room (to go 'upstairs').

Usually used in instances involving fun festivities underway in the front room, such as PS3, XBox or other metal box of giggles, where fail victim must leave the presence of the untainted, for he is not worthy.

A recent phenomena, 'stairs' has often been linked with the older, more-established phrase 'Taxi for ____'
Can't believe I beat him with just 1 star Grimsby!

Stairs for Lee.
by Fodman February 19, 2011
A tool invented to get rid of clingy women.
When we got done i pushed her down the stairs on the way out so she knew this wasn't a relationship.
by Kkatie October 31, 2013

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