To "do a staggy" is to cut your arms for attention, and, specifically, to cut your arms only to then roll up your sleeves and show it off. Thus, to demean those who hurt themselves and are then ashamed of it, to a point where they don't shove it in people's faces.

A staggy can also refer to an attention seeker in general, or a general pain in the backside.
"I fell down a hill and hurt my hand, and it really looks like I've done a staggy. Shit."
by Vampriss November 19, 2006
Top Definition
pain in the ass.
person who craves attention.
someone who would do something intentionally to harm themselves, just for the attention.
Chris Rudolph just pulled a staggy
by Ryan Ashcraft May 23, 2007
crafty and tripped out behavior
u see dat fool jb @ seedy jags last nite??? that fool was tripped out!! y is he so staggy?
by cominthruza May 25, 2011
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