Anyone who doesn't get the idea that the person they want, want's nothing to do with them. The name of the game here is denial, and it can lead a person down a slippery slope of unhappiness or embarrassment in the end. First signs of a stage 5 clinger would be a girl who is down to suck your dick within 1 hour of seeing you, and then ends up being obsessed with you despite any heroic actions on the part of the man.
Jerry Jabilo - Looks at girl with sexual intent, "Hey girl.."

Nicole Thompson - "Why hello there good sir," elequently

spoke Nicole.

Jerry Jabilo - "Shall we run off into my room and F-U-C-K?"

Nicole Thompson - "I'll do you one better ;)"

Jerry Jabilo - "What do you have in mind?"

Nicole Thompson - Nicole pulls a small box out of her purse, "Here is the finest cut diamond in the ask me to marry you!"

Jerry Jabilo - "Holy fuck I gotta get outta here, we've got a stage 5 clinger on our hands"

Nicole Thompson - "NOOOOO! PLEASE, come back! I thought we had something special."

Nicole Thompson - "Oh well, he still loves me..."
by Lankyrat November 16, 2009
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Orignally from the movie Wedding Crashers.
It's a person who is obsessive over the guy or girl who took there virginity. Usually someone who is very insecure, a bitch, needy and/or clingy.
I haven't answered a single one of Megs calls or texts in weeks. Shes such a stage 5 clinger.

Meg is such a stage 5 clinger, she won't stop blowing up my phone.

Quick, we've got to get John away from Meg. She's a stage 5 clinger.

Meg should stop calling my boyfriend before i beat the fuck out of that stage 5 clinger.
by H Two. February 09, 2009
a dumb bitch, who complains, moans and bitches about her crushes new girlfriend.
Sami: "Whoes Edward's new girlfriend?"
Emily: "I dunno some red-headed slut."
Sami: "Sounds like a bitch"
Emily: "She is"

*Proceeds to make every facebook status about her "boyfriend" that never was, and his new girlfriend.*

Kelli: "Did you see what she posted?"
Heidi: "Dude she's a stage 5-clinger"
by H&K Inc. October 20, 2011

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