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a gay man who only falls for straight guys, and will spend a lot of emotional energy on them and think that they are in a kind of relationship-be it a buddy-buddy, mentor-protege, whatever, that is mutually beneficial. All the while the straight man loves the attention and the affection, and the gay man avoids any real possibility of intimacy.

female equivalent: fag hag
Jack is such stag fag-all he does is hang out with Ryan, buy his little kids toys, and he keeps blowing off any opportunities to date--
by loccitanatexan June 30, 2006
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The gay male confidant of the fagstag.
The male version of a hagfag.
A straight male with a gay confidant.
John and Pete are so close it's sometimes hard to recall John's just a stagfag.
by Seth March 04, 2004
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A stag fag is a slang term for a woman who either associates mostly or exclusively with heterosexual men, or is best or good friends with a straight man or men. It is a derivative of fag hag and stag hag.

Most of the time, stag fags are homophobes and are usually uncomfortable around other gay men. Like it's phrase-predecessors, it is widely acknowledged that a rich relationship can develop between a straight man and a gay man without sexual tension. The stag fag relationship allows the participants to separate intimacy and sexuality.

Oh no, M. and Y. aren't together. M. is straight, Y. is gay, but he's a self-confessed stag fag.
by ysjames January 04, 2009
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