Noun, verb, adjective
Or stafoon originating from the name Stafania Tory created in the streets of alameda ca. by a group of kids: Robbie, Sean, Luca, Erik, Dame, Elliot, Derek, and a few others.

Stafoon >stuh-fôôn<
Stafeen >stuh-fçn< Stafeening >stuh-fçn-&#301;ng<

1:noun- stafeen/stafoon-weed, marijuana.
2:verb 1-stafeen/stafoon/stafeening-to smoke reefer or smoking the reefer.
3:verb 2-stafeened-to be high from marijuana.
4:adjective-stafeen life- stafeen>describing>life or the way one lives->to live life in a way that can be explained only by living it or by asking the creators.
1:Lets get some stafeen.
2:Lets go stafeen.
3:Are you feeling stafeened yet?
4:Hes not down with the stafeen life.

stafeen life.....
by seannonnon February 07, 2008

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