a trendy person; a clone; opposite of unique
popular kids in highschools are stads
by melaney March 29, 2005
Top Definition
A faceless or generic enemy minion that is mown down with impunity en masse, often found in action films and video games.
I was playing Commando at the arcade and most stages are is just killing hundreds of stads until you get to the motorcyle soldiers or the mortar launchers at the end.
by RedSiegfried March 19, 2010
someone weird, stupid, annoying, uncool, dumb etc.
'what a stad!'
'mia and courtney are such stads'
'omg stad much!'
by natessa February 26, 2010
trend-influenced young adult age group. refers to those who are concerned with their social status.
the cool kids from highschool were always stads.
by melaney March 29, 2005
Six Times A Day. A sexual disease caused by having intercourse. It means that you must ejaculate six times a day or your semen will build up and kill you.
Peter: What do I have doctor?
Doctor: You lucky son of a bitch.
Peter:Please Tell me it isn't AIDS.
Doctor: No. It is much better.
Peter: A good disease? Explain.
Doctor: You have STADS.
Peter: Really! Thank you doctor!
by CaptainCareBear December 30, 2011
Step Dad
My mom got divorced and married my Stad
by lizzyrose September 28, 2010
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