The only interesting place accross the bay from Tampa, but you might have to go through Larghetto to get there. A place for eveyone from the black cloud (goths-punks-emos etc.) to the hoodfolk (or whatever you call em). just avoid the fat stupid tourists. Lotsa fun stuff, the beaches are kinda crappy, and bout evey other year becomes a homo haven. First Night is kinda fun, its a citywide new year's party. if your bored in St.Pete you need to get your lazy butt out of your computer chair.
"dude, im bored. let's go to St.Pete."
by Amo-chan July 10, 2008
Top Definition
St Petes village is a small town in SE Pennsylvania, where hippies from all over meet regularly to engage in "Hippy Activities"

there is rock jumping, trail hiking, pot smoking, creek swimming, a rope swing, huge quarry, endless fun...

Must Bring: Friends, Drums/Guitars, Drugs, Munchies, Blunts/Papers/Pipes
St Petes is a super chill place to relax with friends and do whatever you want,graffiti, swimming, hiking, hack circles, drum circles, mushroom rock
by dandysmokesherb February 12, 2008
Better than lame ass Tampa.
We pretty much have the sickest shows.
And our traffic isn't always backed up.

Made up of North and South side.
North: Where the rich white people live and where we get fucked up every weekend and try not to get caught.

South:Ghetto black people that live in trap houses and have a million kids running around shooting people and robbing stores. Always crack whores walking down 34th street south by Ghetto Gibbs high.
Bro, you better stay away from the south side St. Pete unless you want to get jumped then shot.
by someone that lives in St.pete August 26, 2009
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