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1.) wigger
2.) wankster
3.) people who think they are black but are not.
Dude, there is a lot of fucking wiggers at st. clairsville.
by afrobob July 02, 2003
The act of getting so fucked up that you ended up joining a Catholic parish.
"Dude, what did we do last night?"

"I don't know, but judging by these priest collars, we were totally St. Clairsvillin'!"
by Mike March 26, 2004
A small town located on the eastern border of Ohio that harbors, quite possibly, the stupidest human beings in existence.
Home of Jamboree in the Hills... AKA (festival for national drunkards to attend, where upon arrival, they presume to drink large quantities of alcohol, fight with one another, vomit on each other, sing country songs that no one knows the words to, and then, finally, ask to see their friends wives along with all other females in site tits) Yeah... the nexxus of the universe AKA FUCKIN HELL
Johnny: Man last week I thought I was in hell.

Dale: You visited St. Clairsville?

St. Clairsville = HELL
by HELL!!!! July 14, 2003
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