stop smoking crack. Used in reference to someone posting some crap about something they don't know anything about.
"I think the new grill on the RS4 is fargin great!"

by awot March 01, 2005
Top Definition
Safe, Sane, Consensual. A BDSM catchphrase; if a sexual act is safe, sane and consensual, then it's ok.
Dom seeks sub for BDSM play. Always SSC.
by happysub December 14, 2007
Stop Smoking Crack. Used in reference to someone posting some crap about something they don't know anything about.

Can also be interpreted as:
Stop Snorting Coke
Stop Shooting Smack
Stop Sucking Cock

Created by the ever famouse muvment of awot
Loser> Domestics cars are the best
respons> ssc
by muvment March 03, 2005
Safe, Sane and Consensual .
Whilst the "submissive" partner might be expected at a superficial level to comply with whatever their "dominant" desires, in fact both partners to the arrangement are more likely to make detailed preparations and arrive at understandings to ensure both receive the "treatment" or outcomes they desire. Within the BDSM community, this type of preparation is known as "setting limits", and activities are often referred to as needing to be "SSC" - "safe, sane and consensual". ( Wikipedia )
by Tinsouldier February 11, 2010
Style Sheet Cascading.

Intended misspelling of CSS, a front-end programming language used to define elements in a website. As with many intended misspellings, SSC was first coined by someone who accidentally misspelled it and was subsequently used to ridicule their mistake.

This acronym is also used as an 'inside joke' amongst designers and coders alike, preferably used when around people that are less knowledgeable in the field of front-end programming.
Matt: You bloody better have that HTLM done by tomorrow!
Dick: Yeh yeh, as long as you do the SSC.
by Kiorrik December 16, 2009
Sexy, Smart, Cute
Wow, that girl is SSC (Sexy, Smart, and Cute).
by luckygirl7 December 04, 2009
South Side Crew. A street gang that are tied in with many different gangs allova the world eg. bloods, crips, ms13, bikie gangs and many more. they reside in the south side suburbsw of Canberra A.C.T. They are extremely underground. But will comit all kinds of crime from selling drugs, extortion , roberies, violent crimes. They also produce a lot of hardcore rap with rapers from all parts of the world and different gangs.they wear red, blue & purple bandanas
by R100C August 04, 2010
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