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Srujanalism is the dirtiest way of life any bitch could think of. When thinking about it the things that come to mind are: pussyvagina, cunt, sex, twat, snatch, bitch, ass, box, beaver, fuck, clit, cooter, muff, fag, poon, cooch, vag, coochie, poontang, gash, fanny, cum, slut, slit, gay, hole, whore, bearded, clam, wimp, minge, asshole, shit, wuss, loser, quim, fish, labia, fish, taco, lips, anal, puss, bush, cum,purple bunny,hindu dumpster, snapper, crotch, faggot-as it involves having, being, or doing all these things.
Yo i cant believe Jenny decided to live by srujanalism.
by princeofdarkness March 23, 2008
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