The past tense of the verb "squeeze".
The more you say it, the more it sounds like an actual word.
Person 1: How did you get the lime in your beer?
Person 2: I squoze it.
by Klber3 July 03, 2009
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Karl Pilkington's way of describing how Ricky Gervais squeezed his head
Karl Pilkington definiton of squoze 'He gets me head and puts one hand on the front of it and the other behind it and he just sort of swizzels it'
by Hardley Surton January 10, 2007
the wrong way to say squeeze for like past tense
"i squoze so hard i stopped ur heart from beating"
by gorgeous May 08, 2005
Pastense of squeeze.

Appeared in poems by E.J Brady (1869-1952). First appeared in his publishd works titled "The ways of many waters" in 1909.
From his text "I kissed her for her mother, I gev'er one, two, three, I squoze her for her brother"

Can be found at the university of Sydney library web-site
by John Roberts March 22, 2004
the coolest way to show that the word squeezed is lame.
i squoze some fresh oranges and made a bunch of juice this morning!
by lwarnos September 06, 2008
The past tence of squeeze
Last night she walked up to him and squoze all the air out of him.
by False_existance December 05, 2004
The Correct past tense of the word Squeeze.
Ricky said he doesnt like his head squoze, like its marmite or something
by Tattoo Stan December 15, 2010
the correct past tense of squeeze
you just squoze that out of me!
by sweetnesssweetcheeks October 06, 2009

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