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The sound made when two vaginas are rubbed together.
Giselle and Tom Brady rubbed their vaginas together and i heard a squnch.
by FuzzyBandit January 24, 2011
10 4
A double cheek pinch or two handed face smush followed by a serious and heartfelt hug.
Rebekah loves to squnch the kids.
by Dan Quan January 22, 2007
162 21
A cute, shapely pudgy girl.
I met this great little squnch at the party last Friday.
by Gludge October 25, 2013
2 0
The liquidy, gelatinous fecal material deposited into one's underpants when they shart.
Jimmy had to go to the men's room and clean all of the greasy squnch out of his drawers when he accidentally sharted at work.
by Man Trying to Have a Period December 25, 2011
2 1
The act of being squishy and crunchy at the same time.
The marshmallow's in the lucky charms is very squnchy
by Scodyin May 21, 2009
6 7