The semen that leaks out of a vagina after sexual intercourse. Semen leaking out of an anus is referred to as butt squiz.
Dude, how much would you have to be paid for you to eat Meryl Streep's squiz?
by NiggaBoneJones January 25, 2012
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squiz Australian slang,- To have a look
squizzy - have a look at.
Hey mate! Have a squiz at this.
I had a squiz at the new shop.....
by ado November 19, 2006
A term used mostly on the West Coast that means very good, exquisite
That shirt looks really squiz on you.
The party was totally squiz.
by RoxyClub August 25, 2012
The Aussie slang equivalent, to 'check out' or have a look at.
Person A: Have you seen that video of Miley Cyrus?
Person B: nah mate. I'll have a squiz
by Evs123 December 26, 2014
The squeeze that gets the last bit of jiz out
Give it one last squiz to keep it from burning later
by dallas cowgirl February 13, 2011
Slang for square, which is slang for cigarette.

Throw me a lighter, I'm tryin to smoke a squiz.
by I B Whirly August 27, 2008
to bust a nut
he squizzed in her eye.
by squiz-master October 10, 2008

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