(n) a quick act of urination
I gotta go take a squirt; then we can leave.
by BeardedFatass December 16, 2002
something a sick bastard says when he shoots his baby juice.
ahh ahh ahh ahh SQUIIIIRT(squirt).(biatch says:)get off you sick bastard.
by flopster0 August 17, 2008
squirt is a nickname for a pistol,
the name deriving from the idea of a water pistol.
im goin to blast this fool, pass that squirt
by ste - unit May 31, 2004
(v) the act of taking a shit after snorting a trail of crystal meth or coke.
Hey, uh, can I take a quick squirt in your restroom?
by Kash April 07, 2003
a man who never signs off his pc. obsesses over females in chat rooms and wishes he had a dick.
paula's husband, john, is a squirt
by betty butterfield March 17, 2007
A cigarette, a smoke
"Hey man, you think I could bum a squirt?"
"Let's go burn a squirt."
by Karloff October 07, 2005

The act of "involuntary" urination when pressure is placed on the perineal muscle after having achieved orgasm.
"I was scrogging her and she squirted all over me. It was cool."
by Lordpoee March 02, 2004
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