when a female exerts her cum into a males cock. this however can cause people to get MORE horny. i do not recommend this to kids under the age of..............SQUIRTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah right there........... enjoy squirting but be careful because this can cause unstoppable squirting...........
(squirt) squirting....
by achmed911 May 07, 2011
'She squirted her inner juices all over'
I was shagging the fuck out of Hannah one night in my bedroom, and she squirted so much, and then my dog walked in and he opened his mouth for it, and she still couldnt stop! i was so embarsed, but i made her squirt so bad! 'She squirted her inner juices all over'
by Scotty2Hottygh April 02, 2009
a small person. best used on people younger than you
hey, shut up squirt!
by KD June 09, 2003
A caffeine free grapefruit soda manufactured by Pepsi. Contains less than 1% fruit juice and goes great with vodka.
Dude 1: Yo, get me some squirt for my smirnoff twist!

Dude 2: Shut up, pussy!
by Nasty Massey March 27, 2004
A Northen Suburbs (South Australia) reference to getting on the alcohol.
Yo Jimmy do you 'ave 10 bucks cos me and Dan have 10 then we can get a bottle of squirt...
by Mathius Maximus July 27, 2006
to masturbate, especially to the point of ejaculation
if Erin comes over tonight, I hope she doesn't stay late. I gotta have a squirt and that usually takes a while!
by critty July 14, 2004
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