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An expletive portraying extreme shock or disbelief.
Daughter: Mother, I am pregnant.
Mother: SQUIRT!?
Retard Poser: Sum41 ownz!!!!11
Normal person: Squirt?!
by tobad4ya November 22, 2004
185 189
S.Q.U.I.R.T.S is also known as Super Quick Uncontrollable Intense Rectal Turd Splat. This disease was first found in a man with the name we can't disclose due to . It starts with the destruction of the lower bowels, more particularly the rectum.

Symptoms: Death

The disease is currently being fought against through the organization F.U.N.K.A.S.S. (Foundation for the Understanding of New Knowledge About SQUIRTS Sufferers).

F.U.N.K.A.S.S. is also known as the S.Q.U.I.R.T.S defence council.
Drew Aneck was the second person to receive the disease known as S.Q.U.I.R.T.S.
by F.U.N.K.A.S.S. February 04, 2011
163 173
To cum, female or male.
Oh! Ohhhhhh! Pull my rod a little faster! Uhhhhhhh! I'm gonna squirt!
by pentozali May 11, 2011
404 489
when a female ejects out cum out of her pussy and makes uncomfortable noises such as; ouch papi, yeah right there, yeah don't be lazy, calm yourself don't act like an animal.
achmed was trying to have fun but things got dangerously out of hand, so she was squirting all over his moms room.
by achmed911 May 29, 2011
648 746
A neighbor who talks openly about their enjoyment of recieving it up the butt, and brags about how it makes her "squirt". She will openly talk about this personal subject in front of several males that are present.
I love it up the butt, it makes me squirt!
by acorndrive October 26, 2010
141 245
The favorite drink of the one, Harry Potter.
Snape: I should tell you, there's Squirt in that punch bowl.
Dumbledore: Only Harry Potter likes that Hogshit. I'll stick with my Redbull, thanks.

Pansy: I should tell you... there's squirt in there.
Malfoy: What? Squirt?! No thanks, I'll stay dehydrated.
by DeadWizardGod August 15, 2011
506 611
a kid (usually male) who is small, kinda cute but not really, and can be annoying.

Squirts usually distinguish themselves by trying to be an upper class man when they are a freshman. although squirts are annoying and small like gremlins, they are still needed in society.
ryan: wow did you see that squirt today, he was all up and crazy.

joe: yeah he is very annoying whay does he try to hang with us?

ryan: I dont know, but i feel like he needs to annoy us, like my aunt jane!

joe: i hate your aunt, but you sill gotta love her, like squirt!
by mjrizzle November 29, 2010
56 163