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one that desires to fuck squirrels, yet insists he likes girls... `one who likes to fuck squirrley meth heads
by jen November 13, 2002
Someone who is so despicable and awful that they would probably fuck squirrels if given the chance. The sort of person with a disregard for the people around them and treat people like their nothing and doesn't care about the consequences. Pretty much on the same levels of a douchebag and just above being an asshole.
Girl 1: Did you hear that Justin Beiber spat on his fans from a balcony and laughed about it

Girl 2: I did, seriously what a Squirrel fucker

Girl 1: yep, glad I was never a Belieber to begin with

Girl 2: Same here
#douchebaggery #insult #asshole #awfulness #unpleasant
by Bookworm451 July 31, 2013
A kid usually named will who looks like a squirrel and likes to fuck them
Kid 1: whose that weird kid?
kid 2: thats will, he is a real squirrel fucker
#squirrel #fucker #fuck #fag #weird
by ticktokbabycock October 18, 2014
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