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Hanging upside down from a branch on a tree with your legs skeeting a freak-a-leek

see freak-a-leek
Last night my friend squirrel fucked the shit out of this girl
by Feitan Erahan January 12, 2006
one who fucks squirrels
fucking like a squirrel
one who fucks like a squirrel?
He's a squirrelfuck.
Yesterday i decided to squirrelfuck and i made a furry lil baby.
I squirrelfucked his mom and she popped out a squirrel.
i feel like i was made by my mom getting squirrel fucked because im harier than a bear.
i think his mom squirrelfucked someone to make him because he can fit big nuts in his mouth but has tiny nuts.
by mattdawg2012 May 16, 2008
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