The act of simultaneously stimulating the genitals of a squirrel and a gerbil.
"Dude, I totally got my squirble on today!"

"Milk without cookies is like a squirble without the gerbil"
by Justin "Animus Beastus" Merriam September 06, 2007
Top Definition
the sound that turtles and/or Turtles (fans of the band Paradise Fears or Paradise Fears The Turtle) make. this sound can be heard being shouted at Paradise Fears concerts around the United States. while it is generally a noise, squirble can also be used as a verb, and sometimes a noun or adjective.
"squirble it up!"
by ittybittyholly December 28, 2011
A rare pokemon. Half Squirrel and half Gerbil. This pokemon has very distinct features including a long tail soft fur.
Dude I'm so drunk I caught a squirble
by Wolftits December 14, 2010
1. To lose something very precious.

2. To wrestle away from; to make unattainable
1. If you're not careful, you could lose your grip on that gift and squirble it forever.

2. Circumstance squirbled her away from him.
by Aquila Sunrise February 07, 2009
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