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The wet squishy feeling that comes from damp underwear, sweat in the genitalia region, or after a weekend of partying with no shower.
She came back from an outdoor summer concert and immediately took a shower to get rid of that squingy feeling.
by O'Lo August 23, 2011
a adjective
soft and squishy
not firm
My french fries were a bit squingy so I asked for them to be cooked more thoroughly.
by pathfinder36 March 29, 2005
Patois or Jamaican word meaning small or tiny, sometimes shriveled

Can be used in a negative or positive way
Woman: Rahtid! luk pon di likle squingy sit'n dey
Man: Eeeh! Sum'n tiny eeh?
by Lyrical88 January 23, 2010