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when a girl gives a guy a hand job by putting the tip in her palm and wrapping her hand around it that way, resembling a squid
"I got a squid job from my girl last night."
"A what?"
"Ya she doesnt know how to do a real hand job, but its pretty much the same thing."
by reg the raptor November 26, 2011
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A handjob that is given using the motion that a squid uses when swimming. A Squid Job is used when discretion is needed.
The other night at dinner my best friend's wife gave me a Squid Job while we were waiting to order!
by 420 PURPLE KUSH October 03, 2013
When a sailor in the Navy eats a live squid for initiation purposes.
During my squid job, I was sprayed with ink.
by Bluepaul March 01, 2011

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