To go and shit.
I a be right back. I got a go and squeeze one out.
by Judge dredd7 August 16, 2011
Top Definition
v. to masturbate, or cause ones self to ejaculate
I squeezed one out in the shower last night.
by alkalinesam February 26, 2005
london expression, for jerking off, wanking, tossing etc.
Man im board Ill think squeeze one out.
by grumpyboy September 13, 2005
"Squeeze one out" can have many euphemistic meanings:
1) Narrowly win in a game
2) Give birth to a baby
3) Poop, as in
4) Masturbate, but this is the least-used of the four
1)"they squeezed out a victory, 1-0"
2)"I'm not going to squeeze one out till I'm, like, 30."
3)"I'm going to the toilet to squeeze one out"
4)I squeezed one out in the shower last night.
by Hamid2547 October 03, 2010
When you attempt to urinate or defecate due to the current convenience of a rest room and knowing that access to one will not be available for a long time there after.
(On a road trip)
"OK, we are making a rest-stop at this gas station. This is your last chance to use a rest room for 300 miles"

"I don't really have to go, but I better squeeze one out while I have the chance'
by kapooch102 December 23, 2011
Another way of saying "Take a Dump"
Hold on. Gotta go squeeze one out.
by Scat-Man June 18, 2013
To defecate hurriedly. Primary usage area is eastern U.S., blue collar lexicon.
Let me squeeze one out, Freddy - I'll jump on that alternator change when I'm done.
by Boswell August 26, 2006
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