You don't own the place , you don't rent the place , you just crashed some abandoned spot and made it home.
No one else was living there, so people started squatting.
by naughty.icon September 30, 2009
Occupying abandoned buildings without authorization. As much as 1/10 of the world is housed in urban squatting developments.
person #1: did you see that squatted building?
person #2: yeah! they don't have to pay taxes!
by i lick turtles June 12, 2003
living 9n an abandoned building, the only true way to live if you want to be truely free
i was squatting fer 18 months, since i moved back in with my paretns life sucks
by lester bangs October 21, 2003
'To squat'

To squash a fly with, or to hit another person with, a bendy ruler.
1. "Damn Charlie, squatting me with her ruler!"

2. "I am gonna squat you for that"

3. "Let's have a squatting war!"
by Lindleface February 23, 2009
1. When one lurks behind a friend, trying to read ones IMs.

2. Generally being nosey.
Amanda is "squatting" behind Jaimie, trying to read an IM from Jessi.
by C6K, minus one amigo December 07, 2008

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