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The only emo worth bothering with.

Squall leonheart: "I don't care about you, i have a sword with a fucking gun attached."

by Bean945 August 04, 2006
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The protagonist of the video game Final Fantasy VIII. Is especially noted for two things, namely, his "lone wolf" personality, and his unique weapon, the gunblade. He starts as a student of a mercenary school, but gets drawn into a conflict beyond imagination. I would go on, but hey, couldn't ruin the WHOLE thing, could I?
Squall Leonheart is one -cold- muthafucka.
by BLARG man October 07, 2004
Cutest guy on earth!!!!
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
an ANGSTy character from Final Fantasy VIII...feels his life means nothing...most likely listens to Linkin Park while in his SeeD room, and doesn't care about anyone...always saying...WHATEVER!
by World Domination February 16, 2005
The fucking angsty, emo ass motherfucking main character of Final Fantasy VIII who weilds a gunblade. He's is best noted down for turning down hot chicks. Should of had a threesome with Quistis and Rinoa.

squall leonheart is also the source of admiration from fat, ugly bitches.
Wow! That Squall Leonheart sure could of fucked the hell of Rinoa anytime he wanted!
by PV2 Solis May 28, 2006

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