Reference to an attractive female, one who is worth the effort in achieving the ultimate goal of sex with.
I would sure ove to Pound that Squack!
by Shimmy August 22, 2003
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slang for vagina
my squack is itchy to get laid
by Scott Kuehner September 18, 2003
When a girl inserts a ping pong ball into her vagina and then proceeds to queef it out.
Yo Man, I was at this party last night, and this girl squacked me from across the room.
by timleary July 18, 2010
The sound a very large bird makes in anger or to claim its territory.
The gigantic bird made a loud SQUACK!!!! to scare away the annoyances pestering its nest.
by Fitness_frek June 09, 2010
a kick and whack or slap combined together into one action at the same time.
my dog wouldnt listen to me so i gave him a swift squack.
by master of squacking July 07, 2011
Slang term for the seminal fluid of the human male. Onomatapaeic referring to the sound of the ejaculation.
"Arrrgh! You fucker! You got squack in my hair!"

"Sorry baby, I was aimin' for yer boobs!"
by mikegloady January 22, 2006
A person who combines physical repulsiveness beyond the level required for "coyote ugly" with a level of annoying beyond Steve Urkel.
Dude, Melinda is such a squack
by J. Gerth April 12, 2007

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