The state a person is in when they have been (tweeking) all night long, depriving themselves of sleep and food and water, chain smoking. The feeling a person has when he is either high on Crystal Methamphetamine.
That Sprackler is sprung , spun and done after he smoked an 8-ball of crystal methamphetamine and proceeded to peek out my blinds until dawn.
by Chris Tollmeth April 18, 2004
Sexually aroused. Lubricating, as in a woman's vagina.
That girl is sprung.
by Craig S. Andersen October 15, 2003
A women who has been fucked by many a cock, and has a loose pussy or ass.
I got that bitch on her hands and knees and she was sprung.I mean you could have put three cocks up that ass.
by SuckNuts July 22, 2005

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