when you first lay eyes on someone- and even though your logic tells you otherwise you can't help but want to know them and be close to them. When every text or phone call makes you smile. And every song brings a mental picture of them to your head and you wish they were there to listen to it with you. When there is no where in world you'd rather be but with them. When shivers go donwn your spine everytime you hear them say your name... When it physically hurts you want them so bad. When you can't even put it into words what is going on inside... it just feels crazy and great..
I'm sprung on you right now and no one else. Not sure what to do with that yet, but it's the truth.
by Jess Araceli February 19, 2009
Being completly caught up in someone. They are constently on your mind. You would do anything for them. But you want to leave, you dont want to be with them because they dont treat you like they should. But you cant leave because they are all you want.
I known her for a long time, shes always on my mind. I got to tell you man im sprung.
by lilmanjr896 May 26, 2006
Its when someone has really strong feelings for someones else but not exactly love yet and you want to spend every second of your life with them and they got u doing things u've never done before (sweet things) :)
Man she got u sprung... look at u... U never did this shit before
by N3gr1sz December 06, 2008
Sprung is a confusing yet enlightening instantaneous feeling for someone that you have just met. Thoughts of seeing, kissing and touching this person are constantly on your mind. There is a connection on a mental, spiritual and physical level that drives the constant desire to be with this person. It’s a combination of feelings for this person that create the sensation of being sprung….butterflies in your stomach, palpations in your heart and thoughts of having sex with them constantly. However you should only be “sprung” if the feeling is mutual otherwise it could be an unhealthy situation.
I have never been sprung because I have always had control over my emotions and been guarded. However I know I'm sprung because my desire to be with "him" is out of my control.
by karmalove February 11, 2010
means you really feelin the girl/guy, that you could see the relationship turnin out to be more than a fling
Shawty we only been talking for a couple days, but you got a nigga sprung
by james222 February 07, 2009
is when u love a person n u start 2 wonder bout them n miss dem every second....u always wana b wit they person....u thought u where sprung but didnt kno wat it meant so u had to look it up
tommy is sprung off rachel
by assomyou April 30, 2008
to have a crush male/female; to like

to have the male/female always on your mind.
- you can't eat right, sleep right, etc.

that person is all you think about.
The girl i met on Saturday night got me sprung. I'm so sprung, i can't even think straight.
by fh09279107 June 06, 2007

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