The state of being totally and completely mesmerized by good pussy – being sprung is to be spellbound and irrational, being lead by the tha pussy like a helpless little puppy loosing all ability to think and operate as a normal male. The cure for Male Chauvinism – being sprung is spending all your money on her, signing over your check to her, and worst of all you are that guy spotted in the mall holding her purse and carrying hella bags of stuff purchased with your money. The state of being sprung is Kryptonite to a pimp.
Hopelessly and helplessly in love with a woman for no real reason except her pussy and you will do anything and spend anything to keep that connection with her pussy, and if you have the slightest idea you were going to loose that pussy you would loose your mind.
Damn son – she got you sprung yo!
Yo dum azz is addicted to her pussy the same way a crack feen is addicted to crack, which in actuality also makes you a CRACK feen.
by Bo London November 24, 2004
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the state of being very attracted to a person, obsession often mistaken for love
i know we've only been talking for 2 hours, but you've got me sprung
by joy May 04, 2004
Sprung is when you've gone two months without seeing her face, yet her smile still lingers in your dreams. It's when you can't get her off your mind, no matter the time or distance apart. It's when everyday that goes by without her is a bad day. It's when you can't help but be a hopeless romantic, waiting for the day she comes around and picks you. It's when every song, movie, and special moment you shared sparks a flood of memories, of the better times. It's when you'd trade it all to go back in time, to live it all over again. It's when you hate yourself for not taking that chance, for letting that fleeting window of opportunity slip by. It's when you long to tell her everything, about how you felt, how you still feel. It's when the pain is unbearable. Your time spent with her each day plummets from 80% to a miserable 0% overnight. Your phone that used to beep cheerfully with every text shared in the minutes apart now rides solemn and silent in your pocket. Her sweet voice that used to sing out in harmony with yours now replays in your head. You're lucky if you hear it over a broken phone call that so rarely comes. You used to know where she was every night, to be able to watch after her and know she's safe. But now you just pray to God and have faith that He will protect her. One minute you were close enough to feel the warmth of her skin, the weight of her head on your shoulder. Now you can only try not to forget these intimate moments, try to remember the good old days. Yet you still can't let go, you still hold on. Sprung is when you still doubt that this is love...
Why can't I forget about her? I must be sprung.
by Felix T July 06, 2008
Falling in love with someone to the point that they are constantly on your mind and you cannot live without them.. and your everyday is either good or bad, depending on how it went with her.
He' sprung man, he's had a crush on her for like 5 months!
by BigJoeW January 14, 2006
sprung is when you are falling in love, when u can't live without him/her.
im sprung off jamon
by Ligia March 22, 2004
being soo much much in love that you would do anything for that person. or thinking about them all the time.
person 1: you've been with alexa for a long time huh?
me: what can i say? im sprung.
by jack tirakyan November 02, 2006
The act of being completely entralled by one person. To have been touched in such a way that you can't get them out of your mind. You desire their sex, their touch, there presence every hour of every day.
After the first time that Damon touched me, I realized that I was sprung and would be his forever.
by Charisse June 01, 2006
When you're so infatuated with one person that you feel almost as though you're in love with them, yet you can't quite define it as love. Being sprung for someone is when their name doesn't stay off your mind for more than a few minutes; when you feel like you couldn't live without them; when it seems that everything you do, you do for them. When you're sprung, you're stuck on one person; suddenly, no one seems to matter quite as much as they do; when you don't see them all day, it feels like you're missing something, like the day didn't even count as a real day.

When that person comes close to you, your heart starts fluttering, beating faster and harder, and it feels like it might explode out of your chest. Your hands get clammy, and your head feels like it's in a fog, where the only thing you can see, hear, feel, is them. When they touch you, your skin flushes from your head to your toes, and the spot they touched becomes super-sesitive, as if your body desperately wants to feel their touch as much as possible.

Sprung is when you have no control over how you feel for someone; you feel almost obsessed with them. Yet, somehow, it's still not quite love. Eventually, it will turn into love, though, given enough time.
Sounds like you're sprung for her, and bad, too.
by annie.g. May 07, 2011

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