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A word used to describe curly hair.
Whether the curls are tight or loose, they are known as Sprongles.
Mainly because they spring back when pulled and released, therefore being 'Springy' or 'Sprongly'.
Awww, your niece looks so cute with her, blonde, curly sprongles.
by Suicide Notary September 17, 2008
To render injured, to mess up, to hurt
'He fell over and sprongled his ankle when he was running away from that antelope'
by meaninglessslogan April 08, 2008
an lone or odd sock
oh crap! I lost my sock. Now I only have a sprongle :(
by the spronglator May 27, 2012
Semen, or more specifically, the little "love tadpoles" found therein. Often to be found liberally applied to the face and flesh pillows of "art film" actresses.
Post-vasectomy, it is believed that the remaining sprongles can back up and may present some danger of testicular rupture.
by NyIan December 13, 2006