(n.) Syphilis
The poor chap's spotted dick landed him in the hospital.
by Ann_Hedonia September 25, 2008
Top Definition
a type of a British desert
Hello sir, would you like some spotted dick?
by soulfromhell August 01, 2003
A boiled British pudding that may be purchased tinned.
Is this the first time you have had a can full of spotted dick?
by Obiwankenorchid August 30, 2006
n. Raisin bread
also see spotted dog
"I love eating home baked spotted dick"
by Pete January 20, 2004
1. an english dessert
2. a slang term used to describe a promiscuos woman who shows no shame in her pursuit of sexual stimulization
Oh shit! there she go! ho just spotted dick!!
by crazy68 August 28, 2009
Genital Herpes (ouch!)
probably hurts alot to choke your spotted dick
by L_Z January 10, 2005

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