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someone who says something about another that reveals privileged information about that person that only few know. (When ur spot is blown ur hoe card is pulled and there is nothing u can do, no sike, no nothing)
Ex: Victim: Joey
Habitual Spot blower: Jack (knows about privileged info) (does it all the time)
Spectators: Jarrod, James, Jerry
Girlfiend: Julia
Julia: U know where Joey is
Jarrod, James and Jerry: Naw
Jack: yea he's at Vanessa's house (Vanessa is known as a hoe)
See Joey get his spot blown
by Blessed January 01, 2005
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Somone who ruins someones plan.
Jaime Spot Blowed because she told the teacher that Carmen was skipping class.
by Kevin June 27, 2004
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One who makes an ill-advised social gesture to sabatoge another's sexually acquisition efforts.
Timmy spent all his money on dish network, so I had to buy drinks for the spotblower all night.
by hypothalamus January 22, 2008
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