Man, fuck all those dumb ass sports where all they do is fight. That's fuckin retarded.
by hizzo May 31, 2003
A style of clothing where the shorts are worn half way down to the shin, often exposing the boxers. Usually an elaborate belt buckle is showing, or "bling" is worn around or near, the waste.
"Yo dude"! look at that "gangsta" over there his "sports" are tricked out and lower than ever!"

"I wish that "young man" would pick up those "sports" I find his dress wear very aggravating".
by "herbs" green icecream June 02, 2009
Ummm... why do folks think all athletes are stupid? Leonardo DaVinci was said to be an outstanding athlete. He was also considered the protoypical "Renaissance Man". So, all those people who consider themselves "Renaisance Men" (or women of course) and are weak at sports are, in fact, ... just plain weak.
Remember the year when the Bethlehem Bombers had Jesus playing centre and they beat the Palestinian Philistines 3-2 in overtime?

Oh yeah! I think that was way back in 0 A.D. And if I remember correctly, I think J.C. scored a hat trick in that game. Good Ol' Jesus.

That's right. They traded him to the Jerusalem Gentiles right after that game.
by LeonardoDawg August 24, 2005
sport are the worlds worst enemy...or to me atleast....OMG...i have to get back home in time to watch the football game !!!!
dam!! i think i have to kill myslef i missed the game!.....kill urelf...u realyl should

sports suck!!!!
by messy August 16, 2003
something that some mother fucker invented and it is a complete waste of time. In the USA over 91 percent of the population enjoys sports and thats basically all they talk about, who ever invented sports should be raped hard.
him:lets go watch some new york giants play fucking ass sports!

me: fuck you bitch sports are for pussy's
by daddy January 06, 2005
Without it, we'd be living dull, dull lives. Sports were invented to get people away from all the turmoil and stress they indure in their lifes, it made monday a GOOD day (Monday Night Football) and gave you a reward at the end of the day, because after you got home from work/school, you could watch the ballgame. Sports are very exciting and entertaining to watch on TV. Playing Sports are also very fun, and allows you to let out your agressing (Football) and makes you practice team work (Basketball) and Sportsmanship (Baseball) Whoever dosn't think sports are a good thing in our society is incorrect. Sports teach you great life skills, and allow people to relax in their stressfull lifes.
Sports Hater: Sports players are stupid and are overpaid.

Sports Enthusiast: Sports are a trillion dollor indunstry. As long as people buy tickets to the stadiums, buy basbeall caps, buy sports gear, etc. the average athletes will still be paid 0.0000000000000000000000001% of what that sports industry makes. These athletes risk their lifes (Football) playing over a hundered games a year (Baseball) and have to be able to pull of moves and make amazing shots that no ordinary person can do (Basketball) in order to entertain the entire world. If anything, actors are MUCH more overpaid then athletes. And sports require you to be VERY smart. You ever notice how all the Jock's in your school NEVER make it bigtime? It's because their STUPID!
by Geeter August 21, 2006
Something that tests your mind, body, and instincs, also the most exciting thing to ever be on TV.

Obviosly, anyone who calls sports stupid is obviously retarded. And hey, if you dont have athletic ability and if your not smart, what do you have? Can any fatass loser read a zone defence buy finding irreguler form defences, and making audibles to counteract them? Exactly, sports contain being very athletic AND smart.
Sports promotes being HEALTHY AND FIT. What an appsolute waist of time! Who would possibly want to be HEALTHY AND FIT? And who on earth would want to watch the most entertaining thing in history anyway? Anyone who go's to a game or watches it on TV is a complete MORON!

by Spikesy July 01, 2006

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