One of the biggest wastes of time and contributors to the the downfall of the world
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
Any game fullfilling the three basic requirements of:
a.) The game must have a ball,
b.) There must be rules and scoring,
c.) This is the big one: there must be a physically active defense involved.
Football and soccer (futbol) are sports. Golf, track, and cross country are not, they are activities, which require skill none the less.
by W. Carmelo D. January 10, 2008
An activity that keeps score and you can go professional at.
I play a sport for my occupation.
by Blah June 17, 2006
something nerds should get out and play more often
this sport is too hard, i want to go sulk in my room and play cs more!
by yuppie June 10, 2003
A sport is something you are scored on not judge on, Women basketball is not a sport or any other women "sports" only men play sports. Except for soccer, it is not a sport for guys and girls because they are field faries. Baseball is aslo not a sport because there is not hitting or physical activity that goes on during a baseball game.
Sports are like the NFL, MLL, NHL, NLL, NHRA, NBA, Motor Cross,
by Calvin F Johnson February 05, 2009
To all the people who claim sports are for dumbfucks, burger-flippers, fuckwads, etc.:
A person's hobbies have nothing to do with their IQ or anything else. Google AMOBI OKOYE -- damn smart and PLAYS IN THE NFL. I played football and baseball as a child, was a talented athlete, and was placed in advanced classes beginning in 3rd grade. So before putting down ALL athletes, think a little bit about what you're saying. I could probably say people who hate sports all have black horn-rimmed glasses, are fatfucks, and sit in front of the TV watching the Simpsons all day, but that wouldn't necessarily be true for the entirety of people who dislike sports. IF YOU STEREOTYPE ATHLETES, YOU CAN GO FUCK YOURSELF.
Don't hate on people who take part in sports because
everyone is an individual person.
by sumo wrestler murderer airplane February 02, 2008
an activity in which there are balls and or sticks, not for women, not dance
hockey, football, baseball, not dance, lawnbowling, golf, basketball, rugby, not dance, bowling, cricket, soccer, disk golf, not dance

"HE plays sports"
by Dustin Bowdige August 02, 2007

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