Simply the worst thing ever. Sports are played by athletes who are most likely playing for either money or just so they can say that they are so much better than everybody else. (See jock) There are few athletes that actually play for fun, and those are typically the ones who aren't fucking retards. Unfortunately, if you don't enjoy playing sports, you'll be classified as wimpy loser with no life.
If people didn't make such a fucking big deal about sports, maybe I would give it a try.
by quzu May 03, 2011
Counter Strike or Dance Dance Revolution
Jay plays cs and ddr all day competitiousely, it must be a sport.
by Jay March 17, 2003
A sport requires direct concurrent competition with another team or individual in an activity requiring cardiovascular effort.
Cheerleading is not a sport because there is no direct competition with the other squads.
Chess is not a sport because it requires no cardiovascular effort.
Another reason that these two are not considered sports, is because they are absolutely ridiculous.
by Brendon Ferguson November 23, 2007
1) See fun.
2) When combined with hump (see sport hump)-to rub up against someone in a secksual way.
1) Rolling in the grass is good sport!
2) Back in the day, we used to sport hump the damsels out back 'o the barn after the county ball.
by hydroponics May 20, 2003
fun shit
sex is my kinda sport
by hue jass May 22, 2003
A physical competition between two or more teams in that the competing teams must be facing each other head to head, or alternate back and forth to determine superiority. It is necessary that you are goin head to head with at least one person so that you can talk shit.
All sports that include the use of a ball (including golf), car racing, track.
Some that are not sports are cheerleading and Dance Team
by Kinkyaids March 12, 2008

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