(Aus.) similar term to 'mate' or 'pal'.
"G'day, sport!"
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
Verb. To make an unauthorized exit; leaving without permission. May especially apply to leaving work before the end of the day. Also applicable to family events or unpleasant but mandatory parties or appearances.
Joe is not here; he sported early;
This party sucks. Let's sport on out of here.
by Vladimir Illich June 16, 2004
a sexual encounter that is merely for fun or to increase physical stamina
Hey Listen, lets just go home to my place and sport for a while.

I hate running for soccer, you wanna come over and we can just sport.
by Li Dong Bai April 05, 2006
to treat someone (pay for)
I'm sportin' you at the movies
by D January 17, 2004
a type of game in which a round object is moved to its destination
I like to play almost any sport, but mostly golf and futbol. Some sports enthusiasts prefer to be spectators rather than participants.
by foraneagle2 August 10, 2007
A sport isnt a sport if you wear a jumper playing it.

The only exception is cricket.
Darts is not a real sport.
by Birdi December 21, 2006
Simply the worst thing ever. Sports are played by athletes who are most likely playing for either money or just so they can say that they are so much better than everybody else. (See jock) There are few athletes that actually play for fun, and those are typically the ones who aren't fucking retards. Unfortunately, if you don't enjoy playing sports, you'll be classified as wimpy loser with no life.
If people didn't make such a fucking big deal about sports, maybe I would give it a try.
by quzu May 03, 2011

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