How to fight or engage in war without actually doing so. a worthless, needless activity
"Let's fight!"
"We can't"
"Hmmm..... then let's play some sports!"
by Cosmoknight Azrael April 08, 2013
Choly's name for everyone.
Hey there Sport, I'm goin to Waban!
by ChocolateSeaweed September 26, 2012
Any of a number of activities that meet the following criteria:
1)Must have physical training to play.
2) Must have more than one person involved to play.
3) Must have a clear and defined set of rules.
4) Must have the potential of physical harm
4) Something a person with a "D" cup or larger cannot excel in.
"Cheerleading isn't a sport, Jenny is sporting Double D's!"
"Golf is a sport, you need a caddy. If you don't have a caddy, you can't call yourself a player."
"I'm a 3 time All-American Beer Pong Champ."
by Sterner September 03, 2008
Basically a replacement for every word ever
But Top definitions include

Going to
Have sex with
Something to say when there is nothing else to be said
Bro, what are you sporting after work?

I was gonna sport that really hot girl, who conveniently happens to be my neighbor the latina porn star

well sport
by smelly_poop July 01, 2009
Verb. To make an unauthorized exit; leaving without permission. May especially apply to leaving work before the end of the day. Also applicable to family events or unpleasant but mandatory parties or appearances.
Joe is not here; he sported early;
This party sucks. Let's sport on out of here.
by Vladimir Illich June 16, 2004
(Aus.) similar term to 'mate' or 'pal'.
"G'day, sport!"
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
An athletic competition that involves concrete rules, a system of points, and total douche-fucks.
"Hey are you going to the game on friday?"
"Naw. Craig's the quarterback of (enter high school sports team name here)."
"Oh yeah. Craig's a total douche-fuck."
by Five. May 19, 2010

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