generic name used as a substitute for a person's surname.

See also chief, ace, champ, boss, dude, pal, slappy, guy, man, homey, junior, my deuce
I was at work today, and some dickface dropped this line on me:

"What's up, sport? Think you can get me a drink there, chief? What do you say, champ?"
by Ricky Roma November 27, 2003
if u dont play them, a bunch of dumbass jocks will call u a nerd and other random insults. if u dont give a flying fuck about sports,welcome to the club.
me: *is not obsessing over the new sports videogame*
dumbass jock: this game is awesome u fag

me: at least i have a funtioning dick.
by chainsawguy100 April 23, 2011
A momentary diversion on the way to the grave. And frankly, it's not a very interesting one.
I can't be bothered to be intelligent, so I'll just chase a ball around and jump on other men! I'll call it sports! And if anyone doesn't like it, I'll throw dumbass insults at them. Brilliant!
by El Singario September 21, 2005
games but are taken overly seriously at times. people take insults on their sports personal. its kinda funny
guy one: hey man no offense but i think your sport is kinda boring.
guy two: your mom's a hooker and your a faggot so fuck off
by tizzle dogg June 10, 2011
Not Cheerleading
Note: sarcasm is used in the example
Wyatt: The GRCCS boys won zones!
Eric: Yeah Wyatt and i saw a saskquatch
Stephan: Yeah and Cheerleading is a sport!!
by LMFMC FUCKER December 07, 2009
any activity that one can practice, AND compete in with others on different levels (eg. by class, district, state, national, etc).
Squash may not be as athletically challenging and demanding as football, but it is a sport.
by TripleJumpr1.3 March 29, 2011
Abbreviation for the northeastern Louisiana town of Shreveport, which has a population of approximately 200,000 people.
I'm coming back to S'port this weekend.
by azkabella December 29, 2008

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