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A barbaric holdover from caveman survival/ war games. In modernity, it contributes to chauvanism, violence, and heartache in public school gyms.
"Yo, Gino, check out this fag who can't play no football."
by Miss Lonelyhearts October 25, 2004
any activity that one can practice, AND compete in with others on different levels (eg. by class, district, state, national, etc).
Squash may not be as athletically challenging and demanding as football, but it is a sport.
by TripleJumpr1.3 March 29, 2011
1. verb. The process of throwing a sporting ball, such as a football or mandarin, to a forewarned but nevertheless unsuspecting workmate, teammate or stranger (but never spouse or pet). An initiator, termed a ‘sportor’, expresses their desire to instigate ‘sport’ by firmly stating “Sport!”, usually preceded by the name of the recipient, termed a 'sportee'.

Note: To have succeeded at sport is to catch the sported object; to fail is to be struck unflatteringly or critically by said sported object.
"Sport is a great team building exercise!"
by Sportorer. May 09, 2012
Something that requires a lot of activity and after it's done, nothing has changed, nothing at all. Except the bank accounts of those that are actually good at these sports.

Also: the pinnacle of inefficiency.
I'm too smart (lazy) to do sports
by El Psycho May 22, 2003
Giving up your own physical health and mental stability for the love of the game.
Mental Breakdowns.
"I can't, I have ____"
REAL sport
by Andee_SOCCER July 02, 2013
The sociological phenomena where throwing large amounts of money at anything will cause participants and spectators alike to obsess over the subject in question.
"Think we can turn butter-churning into a sport?"
"I'm a multi-billionaire. I'll see what I can do."
by Crackeford July 27, 2013
Anything where physical or mental power is exerted
Basketball is a sport

Inter-Scholastic Sports: Scholastic Bowl etc.
by Louis the Second October 19, 2011
An athletic competition that is objectively scored.
Soccer is a sport in which points are scored by kicking a ball into the opposing team's goal.

Cheerleading is not a sport because judges give you a subjective score.
by Andrew May 25, 2003