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Ohh to all you fuckers here who defended sports, i'll be enjoying the burgers you flip for me when we're all out of school. Sports are the most retarted pieces of shit that anyone could ever come up with. They were invented so the lazy dumbasses who don't give a shit about they're school work can have something to hope hope for, even though the only chance of someone becoming a professional athlete in high school is 1 in 10,000. Most people actually don't enjoy sports, they just pretend to like it cause other people do and they are scared of being outcastes. Women(and not all women but most women) tend to go for athletes only because they are also self-conciouss and they think dating an athlete will make them popular.

Typical among jocks and athletes (call them whatever you want I don't distinguish the two) you will find, arrogance, hypocricy, lack of dicipline, drug abuse, lazyness, abusivenss towards others, working shit jobs when they get older.
Im an arrogant asshole who works at mc donalds

DO you like sports

by i hate sports January 13, 2007
134 195
America's state-sponsored religion.
On Sunday we pray sports.
by thenewnumber904 March 23, 2006
741 198
the name your dad calls you by that makes you feel like a total loser, which you probably are anyway (synonyms: champ, chief, etc.)
"Hey sport, whaddya say your old man teaches you to throw the ol' ball around today."
"Dad, I'm an All-American pitcher at U of Texas."
"Oh sorry son, the ol' ticker ain't what it used to be."
"Dad, please, you're embarrassing me in front of my bitch."
by Nick D April 29, 2003
562 128
An athletic competition that is objectively scored.
Soccer is a sport in which points are scored by kicking a ball into the opposing team's goal.

Cheerleading is not a sport because judges give you a subjective score.
by Andrew May 25, 2003
296 163
To show off by wearing.
Ay, check out Cecilia SPORTIN' that thong! Daiyam!
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
187 94
Something that fat women use to get with guys out of their league.
Tom: Dude, why is that fat chick at the bar pretending to watch game 6 of the Pistons Lakers series.

Bill: Oh, she is fat, and needs an angle to attract men.

Tom: Gotcha
by LD December 15, 2004
261 170
A way to test your athletic ability against others. They're also fun to watch.
Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.
by paul mccabe May 25, 2005
334 248
home of the overpaid dumbasses who flunked most of their school classes except pe.
Look its johhny the biggest fool in school who doesnt know anything. But that doesnt stop him from competing with people who make a REAL difference in the world by making millions of dollars a year just for running around and throwing a stupid ball.
by DeathBunny November 01, 2004
447 366