Something I'm not!!!
Tell Lauren that I am not a sports whore!!!
by I Hate You Lauren March 09, 2004
Top Definition
A female who uses sports to come in physical contact with males and seduce them by wearing skimpy clothing during this contact.
My friend is a sports whore, she hooked up with 3 guys last week just playing football with them.
by Isaidso December 18, 2003
An individual who always roots against his friends' favorite teams, and roots for all the teams his friends hate. Just to be a little bitch. He has little to no sports knowledge of the teams he is rooting for, and probably cannot name 5 players on the team. It's just to get people riled up, and to be contrary for no apparent reason.

The individual is similar to a bandwagon fan.
Guy 1- Did you hear Jessi is rooting for the Pittsbugh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup?
Guy 2-.... He's from Detroit... What a Sport's Whore.
by Helmer Fudd April 20, 2011
An individual who whorishly watches any sport available on TV, regardless of how much they know about said sport.
"I'll come to bed after a while honey, I'm watching some amateur bowling."

"You hate bowling Steve, You're just watching it because you're a sports whore. I'm leaving you."
by Jarvalicious February 17, 2010
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