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A female who uses sports to come in physical contact with males and seduce them by wearing skimpy clothing during this contact.
My friend is a sports whore, she hooked up with 3 guys last week just playing football with them.
by Isaidso December 18, 2003
13 1
An individual who always roots against his friends' favorite teams, and roots for all the teams his friends hate. Just to be a little bitch. He has little to no sports knowledge of the teams he is rooting for, and probably cannot name 5 players on the team. It's just to get people riled up, and to be contrary for no apparent reason.

The individual is similar to a bandwagon fan.
Guy 1- Did you hear Jessi is rooting for the Pittsbugh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup?
Guy 2-.... He's from Detroit... What a Sport's Whore.
by Helmer Fudd April 20, 2011
6 0
An individual who whorishly watches any sport available on TV, regardless of how much they know about said sport.
"I'll come to bed after a while honey, I'm watching some amateur bowling."

"You hate bowling Steve, You're just watching it because you're a sports whore. I'm leaving you."
by Jarvalicious February 17, 2010
4 2
Something I'm not!!!
Tell Lauren that I am not a sports whore!!!
by I Hate You Lauren March 09, 2004
3 16