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a genre of hard rock usually heard in sports videogames/sports promos on TV. bands include Creed, Alter Bridge, Disturbed, Trapt, Taproot
Sports metal is worse than metal that supports Jesus.
by Listen to Slayer April 01, 2005
A genre of music that has nothing to do with Creed, Disturbed, or music found on video games to hype up gamer.. Instead, sports metal is the fusion/collision of a love of a sport and the love of metal.
person 1- "last night I saw the band Millions Of Michael Jordans play a show and it fuckin surprised me"

person 2 - "oh yeah? I like the band name, what kind of music was it?"

person 1- "Millions of Michael Jordans calls it "Sports Metal", I think they invented it"
#sports #metal #athens #michael jordan #millions of michael jordans #riffage #tight drums #glory #legend.
by Kurzy April 29, 2010
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