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Having unemotionally sex with someone purely for the chloric (weight) benefits.
The best way to lose weight is to find someone hot and have sport sex. I lose 10lbs having sport sex, better than slim fast!
by JTDawg January 09, 2008
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Purely recreational sex, used for entertainment purposes only. Not bad, if you can find it. See also sport fucking, fuckbuddy, friends with benefits, quantum dating.
I'm totally ripped from all the sport sex i've been having with my fuck buddy. It's better than a gym membership!
by caffeinatrix November 08, 2002
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Having sex with a opposite/same sex partner for a defined period of time to see who can cause the other person to have more orgasms.
John and Jane had sport sex the other night for 5 hours, John won, he made Jane orgasm 30 times in his 8.
by Xpress211 April 17, 2006
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