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When straight girls flirt with gay girls- just for sport. Drop a line, try to catch, but don't eat the fish.
"Dude, is that girl gay? She just eye fucked the shit out of you."
"She's straight. She's just sport fishing."
by jforrestfire March 23, 2011
When a straight girl hits on a lesbian in order to see if she has any effect on the lesbian. Sport Fishing because no one actually eats the fish. Term seen on the award winning blog effingdyke (
Man, that girl was hot are you going to see her again?
Nah, she was just sport Fishing
by ANOPRAX April 01, 2011
The act of a married or attached guy flirting with a girl to see if they still have "it." Also known as catch and release. Sport Fishing does not end up with a hook up, if it does see "adultery"
Friend 1: Bob is hitting on that chick over there, maybe I should go tell her he's married.
Friend 2. No need man, he's just sport fishing.
by Barbecue Man March 22, 2012
Intentionally abusing or fucking with someone or a group of people just to have fun.
"Let's do a little sport fishing with my brothers friends, they've been asking for it tonight .
by Tom the Bike Man. June 11, 2016
Term used by comedian Steve Harvey in his famed book "Act like a lady, think like a man" to describe when a man is out for

sex only and isn't interested in pursuing any type of relationship
He isnt looking for a relationship he is just sport fishing
by Bostonbeauty1671 June 12, 2013
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