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Cars such as the Lancer, Civic, Focuses, Cavilers and so on. Most are slow, weak econoboxes but with the simple addition of a 2 foot tall wing, fart can muffler and dozens of stickers it can easily do a 10 second 1/4 mile. These cars were unfortunatly made famous by The Fast and The Furious, or known to non Ricers as the worst movie ever. Often in these cars you'll see teens reving their engine as they pull up beside non sticker covered cars such as a GN, GT, Z-28 and then get their asses blown away by a car that has more displacement that my beer mug.
Me: There's some sport compact beside me. Why's he reving his engine?
Sport Compact guy: vrum, vrum (sounds like a weed wacker) Common boooiii! I gats NAAWWWWWWSSS up in deeez byatch. Fo shizzle brah!
Me: Fuck off *20 foot burnout*
Sport compact guy: vrum vrum Hum... I should add a few more Type R stickers to my Caviler
by Grim September 24, 2004

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